5 ways to be smart about car insurance in the silly season

5 ways to be smart about car insurance in the silly season 

Sober as a judge

One way to prevent problems for driving under the influence – don’t do it. “Only way down ” is not the same as driving, warns Nthabiseng Moloi, head of marketing and brand MiWay insurance.

You’ve hit the barricades and refusing the breathalyzer, officials can still make you and have your blood tested if they suspect You are not aware of-and clerk at the way abuse is against the law. It’s best to be polite and cooperative, Moloi.

And it’s not just the law You should be worried about. Short term insurance Ombud told the financial harm that if insurance companies refused to pay out after an accident where the driver is under the influence-and make reservations.

If you are going to consider the scene to avoid detection, to flee. Ombud added that the unauthorized leaves the scene is also a reason for refusal to pay.

Finally, in says Moloi, driving under the influence will identify you as a high risk driver, which can send Your premiums go up.

This is if you make sure you are fine. According to the Hollard, if your license is suspended, you could find yourself able to car insurance anywhere.

Still right of way

Obstacles that are not just there to make sure a drunk driver-officer also in their right to prevent you drive further if your vehicle is not safe.

Written by admin “nothing makes the death the spirit quite like a tire blow-out or the details of the trip. It is very important to make your car a thorough once-over before setting off from on the road, “says Moloi. “Has been checked by the dealer or authorized repair shop, paying special attention to mechanical and Electrical systems. “that spending early could save you then.


Check your benefit

You get most of what you pay for?

A lot of insurance, and even some banks, such as roadside assistance, emergency assistance or even take a driver taken one too many trips to the bar — and sometimes the client is not aware of the benefits of the fringe benefits included in the their policy. To ask your supplier to qualify for, and save the relevant numbers in an easily accessible place.

Understand the process of crash and excess

Often, clients do not understand what to do in case of an accident, says Moloi.

“What happens if you are involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault? Although it is reasonable to think that the guilty have to bear the full financial burden, unfortunately that didn’t happen. Excess contributions continue to apply regardless of the cause, “said.

This is very important because even if you’re not careful, it’s likely that others do not. According to the Hollard, six of the top ten drivers who died in the crash had alcohol in their blood levels of harmful; 70% of 3 000 pedestrians killed each year drunk when killed; and when you drive at night, one out of every seven drivers on the road with You drunk.

Moloi added that although it is not guaranteed, your insurance company will try to be the guilty party pros to recover as part of the claim so that the process is very important for details, including their ID numbers, they insurance companies, vehicle registration number and address.

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Car rental smarts

If you are traveling, your choice of car rental insurance to avoid bad surprises in the event of an accident, showed Moloi.