6 things you should never say to your car insurance company

Dealing with insurance companies can be tricky. It’s easy to forget that the insurance company is running a business and the business has an obligation of saving money wherever possible. Because of this, the company could misinterpret something you say casually, creating problems for you. Here are ten things you should never tell your insurance company.

Crash questions
After an accident occurs, it is easy to carry and to say things that could later come back to haunt you. It is the work of an insurance adjuster to obtain as much information as possible. If you’re not watching, you can injure your own insurance claim. Unless you know with certainty exactly how fast you go, or how far behind the other car you travel, say you believe it’s safe speed or distance, but the exact number is not known. Adjuster may be asked several times but firmly. At the same time, avoid saying you have no idea. That shows you are not paying attention while driving.

Injury – After the accident, always get Check out. Never tell your insurer You unscathed until after you see the doctor. Accident injuries often affect the muscle tissue and the pain did not materialize until the next day. Instead, tell Your adjuster see your doctor for review.

Driver – If you have a young driver at home that is listed as an occasional driver, carefully answer the questions after the accident. If your teen drive your car on a Saturday or Sunday now and then, your answer could be misinterpreted. If you tell them that he was driving a car You’re “weekend “, it could be seen as ordinary use ” ” fanatical and accident coverage. A better answer would be “on some Saturdays and Sundays or” “sometimes on the weekends.” of course, if he is really pushing every weekend, you need to say so and face the music.


Hole – Some people make the mistake of claiming damage to their car from the pothole. If you tell your insurance company that you hit the pothole, you just admitted to one vehicle collision accident. It’s where You are automatically guilty in some countries. If you believe the pothole is the fault of the city failed to maintain the road, you should pursue the city directly.

Damage –Never say your car is not damaged from an accident to a mechanic to have seen it. Some cars can be damaged under the panel. Unless a mechanic look at it, you wouldn’t know about it.
Waiting for the call
Never tell Your adjuster and will wait to hear back. However, give the adjuster when you expect an answer and when you will call to follow up. Then make the call when you say you will. Let the adjuster know that you’re on your toes can go a long way in getting your case resolved quickly. When the adjuster is busy giving priority to her desk, your case is more likely to get to the top of the heap because of a phone call you will be using the time.