If you have mesothelioma, your financial circumstances may change

If you have mesothelioma, your financial circumstances may change  – You may have additional fees such as travel costs to the hospital. You may feel worried about how you and your family will manage financially. If you are diagnosed with mesothelioma, you and your family can apply for financial aid. There are several options. You may decide to:

This time-limited-usually three years from when you are diagnosed to civil claims, claim a lump sum compensation for 12 months of the scheme by the Government. So get expert advice as fast as you can. Apply for benefits can seem daunting, but there are many people who can offer advice and will help guide you through the process at no cost.

A good way to start is by calling our helpline on 03000 030 555 and ask to speak with one of our welfare benefits Adviser. We can tell you about the country and where to find help for local with your application. We can also refer you to a local asbestos support group where you can get practical help with compensation claims from various government funds.

You can also contact Your local Citizens Advice Bureau, or talk to the Office of welfare benefits in the local council. Find details of United Kingdom asbestos support group. In Scotland, contact the Clydeside action on asbestos (CAA).

The pursuit of civil claims

If you were exposed to asbestos while on the job, you may want to pursue civil claims against the employer previously. It is important to use an attorney who specialize in mesothelioma claims and ensure that they have a good track record. You can ask them how many cases they have won and request client story, called case studies. Mesothelioma UK have advice about making claims and questions to ask. The Association of personal injury Lawyers attorneys list specialist. In Scotland, contact the Clydeside action on asbestos (CAA).

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Compensation Fund and the State
If you have mesothelioma there are different financial options available to you, depending on your circumstances. You can find out about the benefits and compensation fund provided by the Government of www.gov.uk. Some of the benefits provided and the compensation fund are listed on our website.

Remember the time restrictions apply, so get expert help as fast as you can. In some cases, you can claim if you are a dependant of someone with mesothelioma who have died.

Industrial injury Disability benefit (IIDB): for people who can show they were exposed to asbestos (not working directly with asbestos) their work. One cannot claim that there is a self employed at the time they were exposed to asbestos.

Pneumoconiosis etc. (workers ‘ compensation) Act 1979: Lump sum available to some people given the industry’s injury Disability benefit, which applies within 12 months of award if their employer no longer exists or the work that their mesothelioma causes more than 20 years ago.

Diffuse mesothelioma payment (‘ 2008 ‘ scheme): designed for people who are affected are not working. For example, people who live with or near asbestos workers of a factory that used asbestos. These funds also help people who work alone when they are exposed to.

Diffuse Mesothelioma scheme payment (DMPS): you should first check with a lawyer if you can make a claim against the employer responsible for your or your company’s attorney. If you can’t find one of them, you or your attorney can apply to DMPS scheme if you are diagnosed with mesothelioma to spread on or after July 25, 2012 and meet other criteria. Find more information about the scheme.

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The war pension scheme: If you work for the MOD as a civilian and come into contact with asbestos, you may be able to claim under the above scheme. If you have mesothelioma because you come into contact with asbestos while serving in the armed forces, You may be able to make claims under the war pensions scheme. There are several payment schemes are available depending on your circumstances.