The open road calls to us as we approach the holiday season.
Mzansi beautiful and tempting for many people to enjoy the landscape with a trip.

But the road should also be filled with many dangers.

SunWellbeing for sharing your insights with you before you travel.

Early in the year 2016, the Department of Transportation reported an increase in death of festive season compared to the previous season, so the time from December 1, all the way to the beginning of January, when we have to be extra vigilant.

Avoid sugar rush: many people think that the sweet treats, energy drinks, coffee, and junk foods keep their energy level during the trip. This, however, is short as your energy levels will slump soon after consuming these treats. This sugar slump puts you at risk of becoming fatigued quickly.

Instead, make sure that you eat healthy snacks during the trip and drink plenty of water.

Activate or change your voice mail for your trip: using a mobile phone while driving is the main cause of the accident.

Those who await you usually want to know where you are and will be contacted to find out if everything is well with you and Your passengers.

Change your voice messages at each stop to inform people of where you are in your journey and let them know where you will be next.

This will put them-as well as self-relaxed and avoid unnecessary phone calls during your drive.

Switch insurance: this may not seem like a good idea to change the insurance right before you go on holiday but according to Derek Wilson, head of, this is really the best time to consider checking whether insurance You have you covered because your warning and think of all the possible scenarios, so you are able to ask the right questions.

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For example, before the journey people will question whether they have the best roadside assistance as part of their insurance the vehicle in an emergency. Check to make sure that you are insured by comparing car insurance quotes from multiple insurance providers in South Africa.